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25th February, 2005 - Well it's been a long time coming but i'm afraid that Floyd Cartoons is now on indefinite hiatus. I'm taking the time off to launch my new comic and pursue a couple other projects. I still might update with something from time to time but i'd say it'd probably be even more infrequent than Everyday Stuff has been the last few months. I'll let you know when my new comic is launched here though. I think you'll enjoy it. It's a good ol fashioned detective comic. I'm having lots of fun creating it and i bet you'll have fun reading it.

Wow, look at that salesmanship!

Don't panic however those couple of you who love Everyday Stuff! The comic is not ending. I repeat, the comic is not ending! I have years of storylines left in my head and as my little cliffhanger showed, some real interesting stuff going down when the comic returns (after part 2 of the Macgyver/Fabio action story that is). I just need to get my new comic out there and figure out how to juggle all my new stuff with this comic. Once i work that out, updating will resume.

If any fans have anything they want to submit art or comic wise, i'll be more then happy to pop that up as an update. Comment wise? Well that's what the forums and email are for!

See you soon, hopefully!

17th January, 2005 - A new year, a new try to get things back on track. The crossover is now over. Gosh that was fun wasn't it? Get ready for more fun in the coming year! ES is of course going back to it's normal MWF schedule now, provided i can keep it for once. We shall see.

27th September, 2004 - So there were no new ES comics last week.

Slack Answer - I was taking an unannounced hiatus.

Truthful Answer - I need to work out a way to fit my comic around my new uni schedule. There's a comic for tomorrow and i'll try for Thursday and Saturday until the end of the crossover. Then i shall strive for my normal MWF schedule. Just a heads up though, it might be a bit shaky here and there.

Also, i took down the tagboard cause it really wasn't getting much use and the popups were probably annoying to those of you who don't block them somehow. For comments, criticism, praise or just random chat, either email me or drop me a line in the forum. I love hearing from you guys!

6th September, 2004 - Yes you heard right folks, it's the Labgoats/Everyday Stuff crossover! Why is there no comic today? Well starting today till the end of the crossover Labgoats will be updating on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, and i'll be following it up with a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. So while you wait till Tuesday for your dose of ES, head over to Labgoats for the comic to kick things off!


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